IMG_4804I’m Aubrey, the personal chef & professional food lover behind “thatswhatsheeats”. I spent the last 10 years living in Cleveland, OH, but recently moved to the Tampa Bay.
I traded in snowy months for sunshine & the beach, and packed up my little family and headed south. I’m the proud fur-mama of two pets, Chip (my sweet kitty), and Queso (my loving and doofy pup), and thankful for my girlfriend who is my professional taste tester.

I grew up cooking with my mom. In the summers between high school and college, I would always work in a kitchen, and loved the fast paced and creative atmosphere. After graduating undergrad in 2013 with a bachelors in Opera, I returned to the kitchen once again, and spent several years working the line in a fine dining restaurant. A few years later, I started my personal chef business, and the rest is history. I now spend my days in the kitchens of my clients, and my evenings in my own, recipe testing, and doing what I love, cooking!

I’m here to share my approachable recipes and creative methods for repurposing your leftovers. I’m excited to share my “pro-tips” and some sprinkles of my every day life. Glad you’re here! Let’s get cooking!

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