Toasted Coconut Coldbrew

TGIF. Is that something we still say, or have we revamped every day to be sort of the new Friday? Whatever- as long as it starts with coffee, I’m on board with any day-frankly. If you’ve been around for a while, you might have noticed I have more than just a liiiiiiiiitle cold brew obsession.

Some may say it’s overdone, some may say it’s just the right amount- and those are my people! I have even gone to the lengths of creating a playlist for my favorite pour songs, which you can find- all culminated right here.

As a long time friend, you may have also noticed my love for Tieman’s Fusion Low Acid Coffee. I’ve been using their roasts since early 2017, and am still a big time fan!

This blog is done in partnership with Tieman’s Fusion Coffee. Thankful for partners and friends that help support All thoughts, opinions, and recipes are my own.

If you’re wondering “Why Cold brew?” & “Why Low-Acid Coffee?”- let me sort that out for you. I personally prefer cold brew to hot coffee, or iced coffee for a few reasons. 1. It’s so easy to make, you just steep the grounds in water overnight and that’s it. No machines needed, nothing fancy, just water and coffee. 2. Cold brew is statistically lower in acid than hot coffee, or hot coffee chilled for iced coffee, which in turn is great for sensitive stomachs. 3. Add in an extra layer of using a Low Acid coffee like Tieman’s, and you’ve got a well balanced brew!

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee is a low acid blend of arabica coffee beans that are packed full of antioxidants from sources like matcha, goji, and rooibos. The low acid component allows the body to remain at a balanced pH level. Also, it just tastes really, really good. The coffee is so smooth, with no bitterness or strong aftertaste. Truly a favorite bean in my house!

Now onto the recipe. Summer is in full swing, and I’m ready to add a little flair to my classic concoction. I’m a big fan of coconut coffee, and decided to make my own. This recipe combines some toasted coconut, coconut water, and Tieman’s ground coffee for a summery spin on your cup of joe.

For this recipe, you will need a French Press or a Nut Mylk Bag, some coconut flakes, coconut water is optional- but I recommend it, and a bag of Tieman’s coffee. Let’s dig in!

Toasted Coconut Cold Brew

Author: Aubrey Johansen


  • 1 heaping cup Tieman's Fusion Coffee
  • 1/3 cup coconut flakes
  • 3 cups coconut water
  • 3 cups water
  • 2 T coconut milk for cream, per serving


  • In a small skillet, toast your coconut flakes over low heat, stirring until fragrant and golden brown around the edges, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.
  • In a french press or large container lined with cheesecloth or a nut mylk bag, pour 1 cup of Tieman's Fusion Coffee and add your cooled coconut pieces.
  • Cover coffee mixture with coconut water, and water, stirring to combine. Cover with lid, or towel, and let cold brew steep in the refrigerator for 12-18 hours.
  • When it's time to serve, press french press down, or strain out the coffee & coconut pieces. Pour strained cold brew over ice, and add coconut milk to taste. If you prefer a black coffee, might I suggest topping yours with chilled coconut seltzer, so very good! Enjoy!

If you’re thinking, “Wow that sounds so easy”, it really is! Making cold brew at home is very simple, and will save you dollars at the drive thru! Try it sometime and see how it goes!

Can’t wait to see you recreate this at home! Please tag me on Instagram, @thatswhatsheeats, so I can keep up with your foodie journey!
Thanks for reading, friends!


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