Mocktail Mania!

If you’re looking for some ways to reduce your alcohol consumption, but still feel like you love the taste or ritual of a good cocktail, I’ve got a great list for you, mocktail style. I’ve spent the last 50 days without any alcohol, but have tried a few N/A beers, wines, and created a few fizzy drinks as well! I hope if you’re trying to cut back, you can utilize this list for some great options!

This blog isn’t sponsored, but some of the beers I am sharing were gifted for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions, and recipes are my own!

1. Buonafide 0.0 Wine
-I found Buonafide 0.0 Alcohol Free Wines on instagram, and saw they specialize in Dry Wines and sparkling Brut Style Champagne. I tried a few of their bottles, and liked them so much, I ordered 6 more bottles.
-I’m partial to dry red, and this red is pretty good, but is a little lighter than your typical red, and is better when chilled. If you’re looking to take a bottle of Alcohol Free wine to a dinner party or event, I really recommend this brand. It’s the only wine that I’ve actually liked out of the N/A brands I’ve tried.
-What I love about Buonafide 0.0 is that nothing tastes like grape juice, and really isn’t too sweet. I feel like I’m drinking a glass of crisp wine, and can put the rest in the fridge to cook with or finish in a few days. You can click the link here to find out more, or order some of your own. I love the bianco, rosso, and the bianco extra dry champagne!

2. Mocktail Margarita
-I love margaritas, and making something crisp and lime-y (technical term, for sure), was easier than I expected! It’s national Margarita day this friday, the 22nd, so make a pitcher of each if you’d like!

1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
1/4 cup agave syrup
1 lime, thinly sliced
1 cup chilled water
2 cups sparkling water- lime flavored
salt for glass garnish

-mix lime juice, agave, water, and half of the thinly sliced limes together. Top with sparkling water. Dip glass rims in salt, add ice, a slice of lime, and fill glasses with the drink! Enjoy!

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3. Well Being Brewing CO Non-Alchoholic Brew
– I got to talk to Genevieve, the CoFounder of WB Brewing Co about their process on making these craft beers. They created these beers as a craft option for their family members who were sober, but really loved the taste of a craft beer! They brew these from start to finish as a traditional beer, but with their imported de-alc machine imported from Germany, they’re able to remove all the alcohol at the end leaving the beer to taste delicious and crisp, not overly sweet and processed.
– My favorite is the golden wheat, especially with a slice of lemon or orange, it tastes like summer! The coffee cream brew is delicious if you like stout, and it’s brewed with real coffee and milk! You can click here for more info, or to order some of your own! Chip says Cheers!

4. Mocktail Mule
– Moscow Mules are so delicious! I love ginger beer and lime, and after finding the Zevia Mixer Ginger Beer at Whole Foods, I was so jazzed to whip up this combo. The Zevia mixer is sugar free, leaving this mocktail low in calories, but really flavorful.

– In a Moscow Mule cup, squeeze half a lime into the bottom, pour half a can of Zevia ginger beer into the mix, top with sparkling water, and a sprig of mint! I can’t wait for summer to come around so we can drink these on the patio!

5. Athletic Brewing Co.
-I LOVE this line. Athletic Brewing Co has been our faaaaav so far. Megan loves IPA’s, and I love Stouts or Pilsner styles, so the upside dawn is perfect for me, and the Run Wild is perfect for her.
-Not only are these beers alcohol free, but they’re really low in calories, 50 for the upside dawn, 75 for the Run Wild IPA, and 10 for the All Out Stout.
-One thing all of these amazing companies have in mind is the hope to provide something all natural and delicious, but with the effort to remove the alcohol to find a healthier lifestyle, removing hazy weekends, but allowing the ritual of a crisp, cold beverage, to still be apart of a healthy life!
You can click here to find out more info or to order some of your own, here!

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6. Spindrift Paloma
I love Spindrift. Sparkling water seems to be all over the market right now, and you can pick your favorite brands, and mine is Spindrift. It’s dry sparkling water with real fruit juice. It has a few carbs, but the flavor is really good. I order cases online 3 at a time to get free shipping, and keep a ton of options in the fridge for easy weeknight mocktails!
I used to drink a lot of Paloma’s when I worked in the restaurant industry- tequila & grapefruit, so good!
Now I can make it with 2 ingredients, here’s how.
-Chill grapefruit spindrift. In a large glass filled with ice, squeeze half a grapefruit and half a lime into the glass and top with grapefruit spindrift. Cheers!

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7. Surreal Brewing Company
Surreal Brewing Co makes two delicious alcohol free brews, the Red IPA, and the porter.
The Red IPA is hoppy in a good way, not sweet, and has a crisp finish which makes it taste just like the real thing. The porter is rich and creamy, a heavier choice that is really filling and perfect for these frigid cold winter temps. I added the porter to my chili last week to add depth of flavor and richness, and would love to turn the Red IPA into a beer cheese soup or dipping sauce for pretzel mania.
The Red IPA has only 33 calories, and the Porter has only 50! Truly impressive for the taste and quality! Yum!
You can click the link here to find out more info about Surreal Brewing Co, or to order some of your own!

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8. Store Options.
-I know there isn’t always time to order things online and wait for them to arrive, so here are a few options I’ve seen at the grocery store.
-there’s obviously odouls, but I’ve seen a few new brews from busch, labatt, and brew dog out and about.
-Clausthaler is really good, and I’ve seen it in giant eagle, Trader Joes, Heinens, and tastes like Heineken!
-Labatt NA is crisp, a little sweet, but familiar and good.
-Fre Wine is a big no in my opinion. It’s sickening sweet, tastes like grape juice, and is overpriced for the concept! I think you could order the Buono above and be patient, or for a cheaper and quicker option than the FRE, just stick with sparkling grape juice!

I hope this list was helpful and you try some of these options, and let me know what you think! If you make any of these mocktails, please tag me on instagram, @thatswhatsheeats, so I can keep up with your foodie fun! If you have any great mocktail recipes or favorite NA options, please share them! I’d love to know!
Thanks, friends!



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