She Who Pushes You, Powers You.

img_1794Happy New Year Friends! I’m so excited for January to be here, and as cheesy as it sounds, I love the idea of fresh starts, new beginnings, new chances to set goals and dream big.

With the fresh start brings time for reflection, and in 2018, I have a lot to reflect upon. I gained a new perspective on life, found my own voice, my own strength, and those findings pulled me further and further away from putting value on the number on the scale, and placing value in experiences, friendships, and pushing past the limits I put on myself.

This blog is sponsored by my friends at Athleta, all thoughts are my own. #powerofshe

When I took some time away from my fitness routine last year, I wanted to let go of everything that I had formulated to be a schedule, and just go with the flow. Until one day I found myself on a spin bike, not really sure what happened for me to get there, not really sure what to expect, but I left feeling empowered, I felt strong, I felt like “me” again.


After I sat down with the owner of Harness Cycle, Annie Hartnett, I knew we would be fast friends. Annie is the kind of woman who makes you feel warm inside, no matter how cold it is in Cleveland. She inspires hard work, an overflowing pursuit of self love, and self worth. When I started assessing the people in my life last year, I began looking for people who felt like sunshine, who showed up for me mentally, physically, and emotionally, who built others up, and knew the worth they could offer the world. These are the exact ways to describe Annie and the community she has built, not just at Harness, but with everyone who knows her in Cleveland.


I have big goals in 2019, for my personal growth. I want to be strong, mentally and physically, I want to be able to sit inside of moments of discomfort and push hard, because in those moments of struggle, is where we grow most. When I hit a wall, I know I can call on Annie. She will meet me on a bike, with a hug and a laugh, we ride together, and when it’s done, you feel like you’ve connected with someone, you’ve leaned on them, you’ve helped bring them home, and they for you. Annie has truly made me feel empowered with her friendship, and the safe space she’s built within harness.

Last week, Annie and I rode an intense HIIT cycle on the bike, and I think I’m still sore. Working out with a friend keeps you accountable, and it’s always fun to push each other further than you thought you could go. We started with uphill pushups, sprints, and an arm circuit which had our muscles burning! We finished with sprints, and our all-out, fastest peddle for sixty seconds to the finish line.


You can click here to find our workout gear. I’m obsessed with the 7/8th contender tights that don’t slip. There’s nothing worse than being in the zone and having to yank your workout pants up, right? The foothill tank can be left flowy or tied up in the back, and the contender sports bra is supportive and comfortable!


So, If I can offer any piece of advice, it’s to find the women in your life who support other women, who root for them, lift them up, instead of compete with them. I’m thankful for companies like Athleta who want to empower the women of the world who do that, and harness the power of she. Thankful for Annie, the Harness community, and continuing to grow into the strongest woman I can be.

Thanks for reading friends, and thank you to the talented Paige Moag for the photos. Happy New Year!



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