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img_9387This blog is done in partnership with my friends at Athleta. Proud to be able to represent the #powerofshe. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Photos by Tom C. Sawyer.

Favorite Part of 2018: Getting a Dog.

Rescuing Queso Fresco is for sure top five moments for me for the year, she’s been nothing but love and kisses since she stepped her 3 of 4 working feet into this apartment. The people at the Cleveland APL must have thought I was crazy. I called almost everyday asking about a different dog on their app, visited both locations 5-6 times in 3 months, but I was unsure.

– it wasn’t them- it was me. I wondered if I could do it, was I responsible, was I ready to take on a doggo, maybe a pup with emotional damage, was I going to fail….

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– & now, after I’ve had her almost four months later- I cant believe I waited so long. when I found Queso, she was fresh out of surgery, her back left leg had been badly broken, she was still sick, not available for adoption, so I waited. I checked the app daily. 3 weeks later- she showed up as SUGAR BABY. (That’s a stripper name, come on y’all). But her name said it, she was sweet as honey, had a wonkey walk with the biggest smile and kind little eyes. that walk strutted into my life & heart- she looks just like me when I’m yanking shorts out of my thighs in the middle of summer  I know y’all can relate. “What’s for lunch, thighs…. shorts; an autobiography by Aubrey Johansen”.

I just remember looking at my couch and thinking- there’s room for a dog here, you can provide a safe home for a rescue animal, go fricken do it. So here she is, can’t believe I did life without her.

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– – my one piece of advice for new rescue parents is, find a trainer. ++ I dont know anything about queso’s background; what she experienced, who loved her, anything- but when I found my trainer, he clicked with us immediately. for a dog that most likely lived in a shelter her entire life- she now roams the house when I’m not home (the occasional salad left on the counter to spare haha), she doesn’t yank me around on a leash, she’s learning not to jump on new and old friends, and she’s still her goofy hearted, full face licking, sweet eyes baby lady.

& now, we don’t miss a beat. We’re always out on a walk, exploring the Metro Parks, playing catch. Queso has made my life so much more active than I even imagined and she keeps me out and about. Thankfully, I have my favorite Sculptek Denim from Athleta to keep me moving with whatever crazy activity we are up to! You can find the whole look here– it’s a staple in my fall closet!


2018 has been one of my favorite years thus far- and big thanks to this furry little babe for making it so. ++ #thatswhatsheeats


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