Travel Snacks.

So, my friends make fun of me often. Usually for cracking lame jokes, but for mainly acting like the “mom” of the group- but I have to admit, it’s something I love being teased about. I’m 27, but I’m an old 27, and you better believe your girl always has snacks on deck. I’m the one always, “did you eat?” “are you hungry?” “here, eat something”. Ya know what? I’m proud of it! Ha!

I travel a lot, whether that means a day full of driving all across far points of Cleveland, to visiting my parents in Florida, or taking a break from this crazy hectic world, and that means snack city. Keeping snacks in my car is a no-brainer, if you’ve seen me hangry stuck in traffic, you’d understand.

How about flying? It’s so easy to be tempted by the airport trail mix buffets at each magazine store, but I like to come prepared (just like a mom), and stash my bag full of goodies. I call them my “emergency carbs”. Luckily for me, I can make healthier choices these days, especially when I’m able to grab a few MadeGood Foods snacks which happen to be mainly allergen free (no peanuts- that’s huge for kids in school these days, organic, low in sugar, whole grain, and contain the nutrients of one serving of veggies in each grab-able snack!

This blog is done in sponsorship with my friends at MadeGood Foods. All opinions and recipes are my own!

So back to the travel snacks! I’m heading to Daufuskie Island off of Savannah, GA this week for a get away trip with my girlfriend, you know; before Cleveland winter traps us in a snowy globe for the next 6 months!

I made us my Jammy-Berry Yogurt Bowl before we caught a ride to the airport, and packed a few bags of the Chocolate Banana Mini Granola Balls (seriously my faaaavorite) in my purse for in-flight snacks.

These goodies make perfect in-car emergency traffic snacks, and also would be awesome to giveaway to lucky trick-or-treaters coming your way this spooky season!

Here’s the details on the bowl.

1 cup plain or vanilla Greek yogurt

1/2 banana, sliced thinly

1/4 cup fresh raspberries

1 bag Strawberry Granola Mini’s

1 tablespoon honey

How; Spoon yogurt into base of bowl and smooth toward the edges to make a large base layer for your toppings. Arrange granola mini’s, berries, and banana into three sections, almost like a peace sign! Drizzle with honey, and eat up!

You can find more details on MadeGood Foods here, and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter at the bottom of their page! They do monthly giveaway’s that are pretty awesome!

As always, thanks for reading, & I’ll catch ya next time! PS. I’ve got chocolate & banana on the brain hardcore now, so be on the look for that flavor combo coming soon!



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