What’s in my pool bag?!

Are you sick of me screaming about how warm and sunny it is here in Florida? I cannot get over how this splash of sunshine mid Cleveland Winter/Spring is changing my mood. Vitamin D is a real game changer for this girl, let me tell you!

(hi Dad!)

I’m here for the week hanging with my parents in Spring Hill, and in a few days I’ll be beach bound with my best friend Kristin. I’m having such a good time laying around with my parents, and soaking up some sun by the pool.

I was talking about how I stay on track the other day while on vacation! For me- it feels simple. I eat the same way that I always do, 80% clean choices, and 20% enjoy yourself choices! I packed a few clean snacks (you bet I’m the girl that packs food in her suitcase, trust me, I get hangry!), and make sure to grab a huge glass of iced tea to have by the pool! I always want the most bang for my snack buck, so I like to keep high protein choices like jerky around.

I’m partnering with KRAVE Jerky to share their new line of meat bars & sticks, and truly friends, these are SO GOOD. I grabbed a few of their new flavors, some sunscreen (hello, always), some sea-salt spray, my swimsuit, sunglasses, and some lemon water, and I am ready to float away the afternoon. These are the perfect healthy grab-and-go snacks, and I’ll be keeping a few options in my car console for those hangry-stuck-in-traffic moments.

This blog is sponsored by KRAVE Pure Foods, Inc. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Mango Jalapeño Pork KRAVE Bar with quinoa is my favorite! It’s spicy, and filling. Reaching for a quick snack like this keeps me on track and feeling good about my healthy choices for the day! My mom loves the blueberry beef, and my dad loved the sesame beef stick, with sweet potato!

What are some of your favorite clean snacks for on the go? What goes in your summer beach bag? What snacks are you KRAVE-ing ?!

Let me know here or on my instagram, @thatswhatsheeats

You can find Krave & their products on instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, @kravejerky

Thanks for hanging friends! Back to the pool I go!



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