Game Day Plantain Nachos with my Momma’s Collagen-Cumin Black Bean Mash.

14c1d91b-1c39-46c0-9669-90174d975146Anyone else grow up watching football just for the snacks!? (imagines a million hands shooting up into the air) Phew! Glad I’m not alone! heh. Are you team sweet or team savory!?
S A V O R Y over here!

I  don’t know about you guys, but my mom was the QUEEN of “Super-Bowl” Parties. Every year, she would knock out close to twenty appetizers and invite everyone we knew over to the house for a fun Sunday afternoon. One of my favorite things she used to make was her Mexican Seven Layer Dip, you know, the one with tons of sour cream, cheese, all the good stuff.

Well, on the other side of morbid obesity, I still crave those familiar flavors and treats on game day, but I love to put my own healthy spin on things! I find the key to success is being able to enjoy these moments in life, with little quilt, and feeling confident in making a healthier choice for my body. Is that balance? I  sure hope!

I’m editing her dip recipe with some healthy swaps like a fresh avocado pico de Gallo, greek yogurt instead of sour cream, skipping the cheese, but keeping her amazing cumin black bean mash. Think refried beans, but smokey, creamy & rich, with an added boost of nutrition with a few scoops of Vital Proteins Chicken Collagen Bone Broth.

even though this blog is done in partnership with vital proteins, all opinions and recipes are my own.

I’ve said this a million times, but I sure love having a tub of this in my house. It’s cost effective for me, meaning, I don’t have to open a box of broth every time I    need to add some flavorful liquid to a recipe, and then not using the rest, throwing it away within 7 days. This tub has lasted me for several months, has amazing flavor, is unsalted, and packed with bone broth collagen which is amazing for hair, skin, nails, and digestive health.

I  added two scoops to my pan of a can of organic black beans to simmer in with a healthy scoop of cumin, and garlic. The beans soak in all these flavors, get super thick and Lucious, and almost buttery when you mash it all together. I  let them reduce by half, kill the heat, and mash into a smooth dip.

Next up, the avocado pico de Gallo. You know I’m a tad avocado obsessed, no shame there, so adding some ripe squares of green-goodness to a fresh pico de Gallo recipe takes the topping to another level of yum.

I simply add 2 diced avocados, 1/2 a diced jalapeño, 1/2 cup of halved cherry tomatoes, 1/2 a lime juiced, and 1/4 cup chopped cilantro all together and stir until combined. I  then add a heavy pinch of salt, and let it sit for a minute for all the flavors to marry. Also- this topping is amazing on your breakfast eggs, or as a simple fresh salsa with chips and margaritas with your girls!

I  picked chicken for a protein, and it was super simple- I just cooked 2 chicken breasts low and slow in a crock pot for 5 hours with 2 scoops of Vital Proteins Chicken Collagen Bone Broth, salt and pepper, and after shredding them, I mixed them with 1/2 cup of my favorite red enchilada sauce.

Now, for the rest of the layers, I used full fat plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I find it has the same creamy texture, with just a hint of tartness, which pairs with the rich black beans really well! I  also love extra cilantro and lime with these beauties!

You can layer all of these goodies in a big bowl for self serving, or, if you want to kick up your presentation game another level, (heh game jokes) you can layer each topping on top of a crispy plantain, or tostone. My home-method for crispy tostones is here.

How fun are these bites!? I am positive they are going to be a HIT at your Big Game Day Party on Sunday! What else are you going to make!?
If these make it to your party table, tag me on Instagram at @thatswhatsheeats, and use the hashtag #thatswhatsheeats so I can keep up with your foodie journey!

Hope you love this recipe, and as always, thanks for hanging out!


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