Tips for Trying New Workouts & being #upforanything


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Walking into a new workout class or gym can be intimidating, trust me, I get it. I’ve been there. I  always feel like walking into a new experience where I’m about to sweat to death, I’m in tight clothing, and all my vulnerabilities might be exposed, could be a negative thing, but guess what, I always leave feeling empowered. You know what’s cool about exercising in a public place? You’re surrounding yourself with other people, who just like you, are there to better themselves, mentally and physically. Guess what? People (most people, aka all the people I know) don’t go to the gym to watch other people and judge them, they go to work on themselves. How cool is that! So if you’re like me, and can be aphrenrsive about trying a new class, here are some of my tips for having a positive experience!

1. Take a friend!
When Athleta challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and take a class I’ve never done, I  was so thrilled to be able to take my friend Meg. Taking a friend to the gym with you gives you a sense of accountability, and camaraderie, knowing you have a teammate there with you keeps you focused!

2. Wear something you’re comfortable in!

Too often I’ve gotten to the gym and started a workout just to realize I’m not wearing the right pants, or I’m constantly pulling my shirt down, keeping me distracted. The New #upforanything tights from Athleta are A M A Z I  N G. no joke. the best workout pants I’ve ever owned. Not only did I take my first barre class in them (hello full body movements), but later that day I cycled and boxed in them, and they’re cute enough to pair with a flowy sweaty and leather jacket for my lunch meetings. the Up for Anything tight is thick and lucious, with smoothing fabric and sculpted technology, which covers and lifts in all the right places!

3. Don’t be afraid to get silly!

Working out should be FUN! I  say it all the time, we aren’t getting healthy to punish ourselves, but because we love ourselves! Know that it’s 100% okay to giggle through it, be able to laugh at yourself when you feel silly and keep on keeping’ on. If you feel silly doing something, I’m sure your neighbor does too! Give an encouraging smile and keep pushing forward!

4. Eyes on the Prize!

Set your intention for your workout. Do you know why you’re there? Rough day? Great day? Feeling strong? I  have been setting the same intention day after day at the gym lately. “I am worth it”. When the workout gets really hard or I  want to quit, I breathe it in through the nose and out through the mouth, “I am worth it”. It’s in those moments of struggle that we allow room for growth. Stay in that moment and push yourself hard!

5. Introduce yourself!
Doesn’t that feel so “high school”, but I’m totally serious! Introduce yourself! Make a friend, talk to the instructor, say why you’re there, maybe even why you’re nervous! Michaela at Barre Fly Cleveland was so welcoming to us for our first Barre Fly class, offered great tips and tricks for modifications, and offered encouragement throughout the whole class. Let these people cheer you on! Build a team of support, it’ll keep you coming back for more!

What workout have you been wanting to try but have been too nervous to do? I    think we can all step outside our comfort zones this year and commit to being #upforanything!

Huge thanks to Athleta for nominating me for this challenge, and to Barre Fly in Cleveland for having us! All photos belong to tomcsawyer.


As always, thank you for your love and support friends! Hope this will inspire you to go do something you haven’t been able to try yet. Let’s get those goals in 2018!


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