This is 27.

all photos and media content done by Thomas Sawyer.
This blog is sponsored by Athleta, bringing the #powerofshe to All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you to sponsors like Athleta that keep this blog thriving.

I  generally think of birthdays as a day to reflect on the past year. I’ll take any excuse I   can to be thankful for the things I  have now, remembering how much life has changed in just 365 days. Time is always going to pass, so you might as well embrace the movement, right?

This year, I was reminded of the adventures I’ve had, across the country, across the world, and even across my own city, here in Cleveland, OH.


On Friday, November 10th, I  turned 27, and spent the afternoon on the shores of Lake Erie, with 17 degree wind chill covering my body, reminding me that sometimes life is so beautiful you cannot look away. I  was thankful to be clothed in the New Athleta Cold Weather Line, perfect for women on the go, for adventure, to yoga, or any other minute we need to brave the cold. It’s incredible to me, to be able to work with a Woman-Forward company like Athleta, who promote body positivity in our community, and thrive on the #powerofshe.

Here’s What I’m Wearing.


The black Cobra Tight  are highwaisted, tight and smoothing over skin, keeping my inner thighs looking flawless, and perfect for athlesiure or hitting the yoga studio. I love the detail on the side with the cut-out pattern, but also, the shiny exterior versus the matte middle of the pant. I cannot wait to break these in at Yoga, after I wash the lake water and sand off of them, of course!

I  think I must have been born in a button down flannel, because nothing screams, “warm & cosy & comfort” more to me than a flannel. This new Heat Gen Flannel kept all my assets warm, with it’s long tail in the back, and roomy fit all over. I  love the black & red pattern, and like that I  can style this with leggings, or could dress it up with skinny jeans and ankle boots!

Now, a moment of silence for the Cascades Parka which steals the outer-wear show, in my opinion. This “business in the front, party in the back” parka is waterproof, wind resistant, and fleece lined, making it the perfect addition to my winter Wardobe here in Cleveland. Bring on the snow & cold days in this baby. It’s semi-fitted under the bust, giving my waist some shape, and has reflective stitching on the hood and back, keeping me visible and safe while walking at night.



Cheers to staying warm, inside and out. Cheers to 27, capable of anything and everything, brave enough to learn new skills, to try new fitness classes, to be proud of myself, my body, my heart, and my mind. Cheers to cold weather, blowing off my shoulders like the winds of the lake, bouncing off my coat.

Thanks for being here, friends. I’ll catch you next time!

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