Thai Style Noodle Bowls.

Is it ridiculous that it was 17 degrees this weekend in Cleveland, OH, or is it more ridiculous that I’m still not used to living in the cold, after spending my whole life in this weather. Don’t answer that! When the weather changes, I crave mass amounts of comfort foods, and for some reason, salty & spicy noodles make me feel like I’m wrapped up in a huge blanket of comfort.

I don’t cook with these flavors often enough, but today, these hit every spot you could think of. I’m still warm inside typing this up, after smashing a bowl just minutes ago.

I think my method is easy, and you can easily sub certain ingredients for others, I will include what I think would work best in parenthesis.

This dish comes together quickly, and is all in the prep. Have your ingredients ready to go, so that you’re not overcooking one part trying to finish another. lets dig in.

Thai Style Noodle Bowls.
1lb ground beef- I  used organic/grassfed from Butcher Box
1lb ground pork
Blender Marinade (recipe in next picture to follow)
1/2 lb noodle of your choice- I  used a fresh local ramen, but I make this with zucchini noodles often, edamame pasta, or just regular spaghetti.
2 cups green beans
1 bell pepper- thinly sliced
fried egg & fresh cilantro for toppings
sauce for finishing;
1/4 cup coconut aminos (or soy sauce)
1/2 cup chicken, beef, or veggie stock
1/4 cup organic tomato paste
1/4 cup sesame oil
2 cloves garlic- minced
2 teaspoons sriracha (depending on how hot you like things, more or less)


1. Add Blender Marinade to meat mixture, combine, and marinate for an hour, or overnight if you have time.
2. Cook noodles of choice- toss in some oil to keep them from sticking together, and set aside.
3. Mix finishing sauce and set to the side.
4. Thinly slice bell pepper, and wash green beans, also set to the side.
5. In a large skillet, or cast iron- sauté meat mixture until cooked through. I  stir mine until all the pink is gone, and then I flatten the meat down into one layer of the pan, and turn the heat up a tad- to get the edges a little crispy.
6. Add bell peppers and green beans, and stir till they are cooked through.
7. Add finishing sauce, and bring to a simmer. Sauce should thicken as it cooks. Add Pasta, and stir to combine, letting it cook just for 1-2 more minutes, allowing the noodles to absorb the flavors of the sauce.
8. Serve in a big bowl with a fried egg and fresh cilantro to garnish. This will serve 6 people easily, or set you up with amazing lunch meal prep for the week, after you devour a big bowl for yourself!


How gorgeous is this bowl from my local friend & artist Billy Ritter?

Thanks for hanging out! As always, if you recreate this recipe, tag me on Instagram, @thatswhatsheeats and use the hashtag #thatswhatsheeats so I  can keep up with your foodie journey!

Catch ya later, friends!


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