Vitamins after Weight Loss Surgery.

Full disclosure- I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or anything other than a 3 year, post op gastric bypass patient, sharing her life on social media. All of these words are my opinions, personal experiences, and thoughts. Please consult your surgeon & bariatric team if you have questions for your personal supplement development!

So, two weeks ago, my friends at SmartyPants Vitamins sent me their new Bariatric line of vitamins! Pretty exciting to finally get my hands on these because when they first approached me to try them, it was the early spring, but they were still making adjustments to the recipe. Finally, they felt like it was just right, and sent me a kit.
This blog is sponsored by SmartyPants, helping me bring you new products that I use, love, & trust! Thanks for your support, friends!


So just like my disclosure claimer first thing on this blog- I must admit that I am also a HUMAN. I haven’t been the best about taking my vitamins post-op. I have struggled to find something A. affordable, B. easy to remember, and C. something that didn’t make me nauseous. I guess you could say I’m high maintenance about vitamins, but after you’ve had your stomach surgically made smaller, it gets real weird about the weirdest things.

How about some background, though?
I’m going to answer some questions from the perspective of a bariatric patient;

What do these vitamins taste like?
-The gummies are strawberry banana & orange. The chews are blueberry!

When do I take them?
-There are two separate containers, one marked AM, and the other marked PM. I take 3 of the AM gummies before breakfast, and then I take 2 of the soft chews at night before I go to bed.

What Vitamins did your surgeon recommend for post-op success?
-A multi vitamin, chewable calcium, B12, iron, & vitamin D, because OHIO, duh (seasonal depression, I’m tellin’ ya).

Why do Bariatric Patients need supplements post op?
-Well, after having your stomach made surgically smaller, the amount of food you’re able to consume is significantly smaller, meaning the amount of nutrients you’re able to absorb from food, daily, is significantly smaller. If you’ve had RNY Gastric Bypass, your malabsorption rates are even higher, making additional supplementation with vitamins MANDATORY for life.

Will these keep my hair from falling out?
– Unfortunately, thats just something that isn’t avoidable after WLS. Your body goes into shock with the immediate lessening of calorie-intake and you still have anesthesia running through your body. With that being said, taking your vitamins and meeting your protein goals will help tremendously. My hair fell out from month 3-9, and finally started growing back the following year. I’m almost three years post op, and my hair is healthier than ever!

Why are you taking gummy vitamins if my surgeon said not to?
– Everyone’s surgeons guidelines are different, and SmartyPants did address this “gummy vs. no gummy” question in their very comprehensive FAQ riiiiiiiiight here.


I’ve been taking these for a few weeks now, with ZERO nausea, so that rocks! Also, with both bottles being labeled AM & PM, it is really easy to remember to take these first & last  thing of my day! Onto the question of affordability…. SmartyPants has blessed me with a 75% off code! How awesome is that!? You can use code “AUBREY” here.

I’m also going to be doing a G I V E A W A Y next week on my Instagram, @thatswhatsheeats, and T H R E E winners will win a 3 month supply of these Bariatric Vitamins, each! So keep an eye out!

I hope this was informative & helpful, and please click the link above for their FAQ page if you have any other questions! I like sharing my routine with ya’ll!

I will be continuing this round of vitamins for a full 30 days, and will then have blood drawn. Promise to update you guys after on how my labs come back!

Thanks for hanging out,

3 thoughts on “Vitamins after Weight Loss Surgery.

  1. Just love everything you post, you are so REAL so THANK YOU!!!

    PS… so excited for you follow up on the new vitamins, also I am so excited for your giveaway 😇🙏💜


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