What I Did This Weekend in Cleveland!


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Thursday evening, my friend Emily Roggenburk messaged me and said she had an open spot on a helicopter ride on Friday, and asked if I wanted in. uh. DUH. I showed up after work and hopped right on in. You can click here to see her professional photos, but here’s a few I got on my iPhone! I’m wearing black ripped skinny jeans from H&M, and one of her grey cleveland pennant t-shirts, tucked in, with camo keds from American Eagle.


After this crazy fun time, I met Aly at home and we headed off for some Venezuelan Food with a few of our friends. We went to one of our favorite Lakewood spots, Barroco.

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I got a cocktail with silver tequila, soda water, lime, and a splash of grapefruit.

I got an Arepa filled with shredded beef, avocado, mixed greens, and crumbled cheese. Tostones (crispy plantains) on the side, because YUM. My favorite. Also, anyone else obsessed with black nails? Just me? We headed home with a ton of leftovers and happy hearts.

We woke up pretty early, and I always wake up suhhhh’hungry, so I chopped up the rest of my arepa from the night before and made a hash out of it, put it ontop of raw spinach, topped it with an egg, kraut, tomatoes, and micro greens. It hit the spot!

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After breakfast, I geared up for some hot yoga, and hit the gym with Aly. Workout Pants are Motivational Brand, and the mesh crop tank is Pink Slate Boutique.

After that, we headed to pick up some local produce at a farmers stand, and hopped in the shower because we had a wedding that night!!

I wore a powder blue/grey floor length dress from Ollie Marie Boutique,  and paired it with a black copper belt to cinch the waist, from Express! This dress was so flattering and classy! I got a ton of compliments all night!

The reception was at the Cleveland Browns Stadium, & our friends Joe and Christina looked so dang happy! It was beautiful!

I had a few glasses of champagne ( I try to avoid hard liquor at weddings, no one enjoys seeing someone trashed at their wedding, and I have learned this from experience haaaa, so I stick to a few glasses of bubbly and that makes me feel so festive and celebratory!) and loved getting to hangout with some of my girlfriends from Cleveland. We made it home by 11 and hit the pillow shortly after that!

Sunday Breakfast is a religion in my household. It’s my “me time”. I turn my phone on silent, turn on a great playlist, slow sip some coffee, and just enjoy putting something really special together. I roasted some potatoes I got in my crop share in avocado oil & paprika, turning them every 10 minutes or so, to get crispy on all sides. It’s truly a labor of love. I told Aly that there probably isn’t much in this life a good crispy potato cannot fix, hopefully you agree!

After breakfast, we got dressed and headed to the Ohio City Street Festival for the afternoon! I wore this “Hug ya in all the right spots” dress from Pink Slate Boutique,  and paired it with my favorite cropped & fitted dark denim jacket from Old Navy.

Aly wore my least favorite shirt she owns (insert affectionate eye roll)

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“Check MEOWT” (a blessing from Walmart).

But I “tricked” her into volunteering (really had to twist her arm here) for an Ice Cream Eating Competition after we tried some seasonal beers from Great Lakes Brewery, one of our favorites! Our Friend Nathan also participated in the Bratwurst Eating Competition, wow don’t you just love Cleveland!? Side note, they didn’t win either, but I don’t think I know anyone who loves ice cream more than Aly or anyone who loves a good sausage more than Nathan.

I ate a few bites of the Sausage Sammy, and a pack of granola balls I packed in my purse (hi, yes I hoard snacks in my bag, say something about it….), and then we headed to the grocery store.

I got a couple things, mainly stuff on sale, and then I totally took an hour nap on the couch as Aly finished watching the football game.
When I woke up, she said some of our friends, who are Gluten-Free, were coming over within the hour, so I used the last of our leftover crispy plantains and stock pile of Siete Tortilla Chips to make a snack for us all!

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I reheated the plantains in the oven at 400, with some goat cheese on top till everything was melty & crispy. I piled them high with some Turkey Cutlets I sautéed in Taco Seasonings and chopped up. Dollop’ed them with guac, added a sprinkle of red onion & microgreens– and everyone was impressed, even me.

Friends went home, and we went to bed.

Weekends around here don’t seem to slow down, but I love the fun times we pack in, especially when Cleveland is still glorious and sunny! Helps me appreciate the weather changes, the slow Sunday mornings, and gives me something to look forward to when Wednesday feels like it won’t stop dragging on!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

Thanks for hanging out!



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  1. Whoa, those plantains look delicious – & so does that meal from Barroco. I haven’t been there for awhile – so many great CLE restaurants to choose from – but I’d love to get back there soon. And OMG, I can’t believe you got to go up in a helicopter over the city. What an amazing opportunity!

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