Three Years Later.

Nearly three years after gastric bypass/rny surgery, you stop counting days, months, and even daily thoughts on being “post-op”.
Your brain shifts, and you make the mental shift on just being.
Isn’t that what we all hoped for at the beginning of this process anyways?
To just “be”.
Be a newer version of our selves, be anybody, anything, but to just be.
To not be controlled by meal times, and thinking about food, binging, or depriving, to just  BE.

I didn’t have weight loss surgery to punish myself for the rest of my life. I did it to get my life back, and that’s what I did.
Almost three years later, and I am just living. I don’t wake up daily and say, oh, I’m “36864398483 months post-op”. I wake up and say, “I’m Aubrey, I’m a person, and my life is about more than just weight loss”.
I had to stop thinking about the post-op timeline, and remember that I’m a person who is creative, passionate, giving, bold, sassy, fun, kind, and my WLS is one piece to the puzzle of my life.

Three years later. I’m not losing weight anymore. I don’t want to be losing weight anymore.
I want to make good choices, and be confident in them, because three years of changing your habits should make a lasting impression.

It’s been three years of sharing my journey on social media, reminding myself not to compare my story to someone else’s, to not be upset because “so & so” is so thin, or has lost “xy&z” more than me. You have to let those thoughts go, they won’t serve you.
Before & After’s are great, until you realize you can’t move on from the past, and one day, it’ll truly be OK to let that girl on the left go. You can say goodbye to her, it’s alright to move on and live fully on the right. I tell myself all the time to not look back, I’m not going that way anymore.

And then, I remind myself that I am victorious.
I’ve come out of extreme weight loss without a fear of food, with the ability to survive without weighing everything, counting everything, being consumed by everything.
It’s a form of freedom I fought hard to find.

So, saying goodbye to @aubreystrawb_rny was bitter-sweet, but keeping’ up with life after morbid obesity is still what I’m after. I’m always going to be an advocate for the weight loss surgery community, hopefully educating people about how the tool can work, but showing there is “normalcy” in life, and in food, on the other side.

Thank you for sticking around, because I’ll always be myself, always striving for self betterment, and I’ll always be eating.

Change is good!




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  1. Aubrey,
    I so appreciate you sharing your story and experience on social media. I am new to the game, just having my RNY on 6/26/17. Your posts have helped motivate me through some rough days of complications with my surgery. I am looking forward to the day I am in a similar place…able to live freely. Thanks again!

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