Vegan & Nut-Free, Summer Pea Pesto Featuring La Tourangelle Avocado Oil.

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This summer, I made the goal to only buy fresh produce at local markets instead of chain grocery stores. I want to make the most out of my cooking with seasonal & local produce, and so far, I’ve stuck true to the goal, minus Avocados, because let’s be real- this is OHIO.

In my last weeks CSA, I got a huge bag of fresh peas. Did you know peas are packed with protein? They’re one of the highest protein ranked veggies with 8 grams per cup! This is awesome news for people like myself, who after weight loss surgery, eat a high protein diet, and may not always want meat. It’s summer, sometime’s it’s just too hot for meat and potatoes for dinner!


This Pesto seemed like a no-brainer! I’ve been cooking with La Tourangelle for quite some time now, using their oils for my Client Families, and their Avocado Oil is hands down, the best quality I’ve seen on the market. Avocado Oil is a game changer for everyone cooking at home and in industrial kitchens, for its high smoke point!

What does that mean? Avo oil is perfect for roasting things at high temperatures, or adding to your cast iron to gorgeously sear that steak you’ve been dreaming about.

The oil itself is harvested from the flesh of the Avocado, rather than the seed, and is packed with healthy fats, Vitamins A, E, and D, plus Magnesium! It’s got a mild flavor, light color, and is also an awesome additive to your hair for some thickness and conditioning! It’s a tool of wellness in a bottle, and I’m happy to jump aboard the hype-train to avocado oil town.

So let’s get down to this recipe. I made it vegan and nut free, but feel free to sub in some parmesan and nuts where you’d like. That’s the best part of pesto, you can add whatever you have, blend, and Voila, good to go!


Vegan & Nut Free, Summer Pea Pesto.

1 cup fresh peas, I used uncooked, fresh out of the shell.
1 cup fresh greens, I used half basil and half kale.
2 cloves garlic or 1/4 cup garlicky ramps chopped.
1/4 cup Nutritional Yeast, I buy mine in the bulk food section of Whole Foods.
1/2 cup La Tourangelle Avocado Oil.
Salt & Pepper to taste.

1. Combine all ingredients except the oil in a food processor or blender, and pulse till ingredients are chopped and starting to combine.
2. With the machine now running at a low, consistent speed, begin to slowly drizzle Avocado Oil in till everything is smooth and combined.
3. Taste your pesto! Add more salt if it is needed. Place in container in refrigerator, and keep for up to 10 days.


Now, you’re wondering how to use it!?
You can spread this on pizza, top your eggs with a dollop, or add to a salad like I did.

I mixed a generous scoop of the pesto into warm pasta, tossed with mixed greens and added some roasted chicken sausage for a very filling, but healthy summer dinner.


I also want to shed some light on a few other LT Oils I’ve been using!


I love the Sun-Coco oil for roasting as well, since it has a high smoke point, too. Mainly though, I have been blending it into my high fat coffee in the AM. This oil is full of high quality MCT’s which our bodies process as a direct energy source!


The secret MVP of Summer has definitely been the LT Basil Oil.
I top Pizzas, salads, and crostini with this flavorful oil. It is very light, and very delicious!

Anyways, Check your local grocery for these oils, or click on the links I have added if you’re looking to order online! (I don’t get paid per click or anything like that, so click a way!)

As always, thank you for hanging out!
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  1. I’m a total nut person but I just had a minor freak out when trying to make pesto for a (severely) allergic friend…think I’ll sub edamame for the peas because I’ve got so many in my freezer 🙂

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