Juicin’ is a habit.

One of my favorite partnerships is with Garden of Flavor-Cold Pressed Juice, based right here in Cleveland, OH.

I found GOF at a benefit cocktail party for The Hunger Network. I was intrigued by their line of cold pressed juices with probiotics, but also their Energy Juice line.

I woke up the next morning with a slight hangover, and was so thankful I was able to take a bottle of juice home with me, because I so needed the detox.

After that experience, I reached out to Owner & Founder, Lisa, & she invited me in for a tour of her facility!

Tucked away in a produce factory, behind a well loved soup kitchen, sits Garden of Flavor.

These folks take sanitation very seriously, and I had a blast putting on a full sanitary suit- shoe covers, arm covers, gloves, & all. I look good, I know!

Their employees don’t mind the layers because man is it cold! It’s essential to keep temperatures low to keep the juice as fresh as possible!

They use thousands of pounds of pressure to flash pasteurize the juice, giving it a shelf life for travel, but also keeping the cold-pressed integrity alive! Cold pressing allows all of the nutrients from the produce to remain in the juice, whereas heating it to pasteurize, kills the majority of vitamins and good things you’re hoping to absorb!

Can you tell I’m smiling?! Here I am standing with two of the workers breaking down pineapple, they are QUICK! This was just one of the many bins of fresh produce in the juicing room! Tons, and I mean, tons of fresh fruits & veggies are getting bottled weekly for distribution.

They sent me home with some goodies, and I’ve been hooked ever since! The Grasshopper is my favorite, boasting 10g of plant based protein per bottle, with fresh wheatgrass & dark leafy greens, giving it its bold and vibrant color.

They were even kind enough to overnight a shipment to Miami for my recovery, which helped my healing process immensely!

I drank lots of tumeric tonic, which is infused with fresh ginger & cayenne, all which help with inflammation! I can’t get enough of the Goji Pineapple for help with swelling.

My dad especially loved it! (Isn’t he cute?)

Anyways, while I may not be ritualistically juice cleansing, I like to incorporate Garden of Flavor into my daily routine, for added nutrients and vitamins!

If you’re in the Cleveland area, they are in local Heinins, Whole Foods, & other specialty markets. They also have a store locator on their website, so click here.

They’re currently giving 3 lucky winners a week each of juice on my Instagram, @aubreystrawb_rny, so if you’d like to know how to enter that, click here.

Thanks for hanging out,

-Aubrey #thatswhatsheeats

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