Pickle Party.

I love living in Cleveland. Have I mentioned that? We’ve got a lot of cool things going on, and one of them happens to be Randy’s Pickles!


Yesterday I got the chance to meet the owner and founder of Randy’s Pickles, Andrew. He’s got impressive facial hair and a real sweet personality! He also smells like pickles, & he definitely takes that as a compliment! (He should, it’s pretty charming).

I self dubbed him the “Pickle Pimp-Master”.

He started making his pickles in his grandmas kitchen, and after some successful batches, took a group of friends and his recipe to the Cleveland Launch Kitchen to start up the goods.

Recently, they’ve moved to a bigger location, and are producing pickles with a quickness!

It’s cool to watch someone local create what they are passionate about, making their life about it, and perfecting the process!

They start with local crop, fresh ingredients and create an all natural, vegan, paleo, & gluten free product! Who doesn’t love that?!

I got to watch from start to finish, they layer the seasonings at the base of every jar, and then hand pack around 4.5 cucumbers into each one!

Watch out world, I got to pack my own jar, and of course they said I was a natural! (Not sure if they actually thought that or were just being nice. I’ll get back to you on that!)

Anyways, after that, they fill the jars with brine, heat to a super secret temperature, let them cool, & voila, we’ve got pickles!

They are even topping each jar with bites of cucumber to ensure you’re getting as much pickle as possible!

So, if you’re local to the Cleveland area, you can find Randy’s Pickles at Heinins, Market District, Whole Foods very soon, and other CLE markets!

You can also order them online here// Randy’s Pickles!

They sent me home with lots of goodies that I’ll be sharing on my Instagram, @aubreystrawb_rny.

Thanks for hanging out, friends!

-Aubrey #thatswhatsheeats


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