Recovery & Food.

As most of you know, I’ve been recovering from an extended abdominalplasty & brachioplasty now for a few weeks!

I’m feeling amazing, healing quickly, and my doctors kept attributing my quick success to my nutrition! I’m not sure about you, but as a former obese person, to hear you’re succeeding in nutrition feels like SUCH A WIN. It felt like such a compliment, I’ve come so far!

So, with that being said, I just wanted to share a few quick tips, and some of my favorite meals/products I’ve used the past few weeks while recovering!

I’ve kept breakfast to always a protein shake, sometimes some Maca Cold Brew/ superfood drinks from REBBL. I love their line because they use herbal remedies to promote healthy digestion, vascularity, & anti-stress remedies! Super delicious and a cool mission!

This yogurt bowl, although it looks elaborate, it was ready in a snap! I filled the base of my bowl with my favorite yogurt, Siggi’s 0% vanilla bean yogurt, and topped it with everything I had in sight- chia seeds, fresh fruit, bee pollen, granola, & nut butter. Use whatever you have!

Yesterday I roasted a sweet potato into “toast slices”. // slice a sweet potato into thick slices, lay on sprayed baking sheet, roast at 425 10-12 mins each side, till golden brown //.

Top them with anything! Cream cheese, deli turkey, tuna salad, spaghetti sauce, or what I did- mashed avocado, slaw mix, & roasted tofu! YUM!

Who doesn’t love comfort food? Pasta is always that go-to for me! I try not to deprive myself of anything, but instead try to “health-ify” it when I can!

An easy way to add nutritional value to your spaghetti plate is picking a high quality sauce, like the delicious & organic Rao’s Homemade, add plenty of ground veggies, and a lean meat, like venison.

When you go to plate, think 2 parts sauce to 1 part pasta, that way you can load up on the good stuff and still enjoy a lighter amount of carbs.

I’ve stuck to some staple ingredients like pre-made tortillas, no one really has the time to whip them up fresh daily, right? If you do, send me some! Anyways, recently I cannot get enough of the almond flour tortillas by Siete, they make them homemade in their local spot in Texas, & they rule!

Top them with anything! The sesame style sauce, some Asian slaw, and avocado was a hit over here!

I usually keep my snacking-protein, fat, & carb dense! My “go-to” is my favorite sprouted wheat by Angelic Bake House topped with mashed avocado, salt, and either deli style chicken or a runny egg. The best!

Angelic Bakehouse also makes sprouted wheat pizza crusts called “flatzzas”. I buy them in full size, but also keep the mini guys on hand for quick pizza snacks!

I ordered a few hello fresh boxes for the week as well, mainly because it takes the guess work out of “what’s for dinner”, & is usually ready within 30 mins. Plus, Aly can make them, she’s really good with a recipe!

& last but not least, you need a sweet bite every now and again, am I right?

I picked up some Simple Mills banana muffin mix, it’s paleo, gluten free, and damn delicious!

I followed the instructions, topped them each with a slice of banana & bee pollen! Delicious, light, fluffy, and low in sugar!

All these items I find in my local grocery store, such as Heinins, and also Whole Foods!

Leave a comment below, what’s your favorite in house staple, your “go-to” item always on hand? Share your secrets!

Thanks for stopping by! #thatswhatsheeats

-Aubrey // @aubreystrawb_rny

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31 thoughts on “Recovery & Food.

  1. Thank you so much for these suggestions. I’ve been avoiding making these life change for a long time ; your story has given me hope (And kind of a how-to guide for completion.). Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Thanks for this – your timing couldn’t be better! My wife and I have ‘dabbled’ with healthy eating and exercise over the years, and are working on our goals and discipline so they become our lifestyle. Scrolling through your post and photos, there’s not one meal here I don’t want to try (and that’s saying something for a former ‘strictly meat and potatoes’ girl). Can’t wait to show her these and work them into our meal planning. Oh, and congrats on your journey and recovery!

    1. Oh awesome! I live with a “meat & potatoes” gal, so she has come around on some good veggie options as well! I’m glad you feel like there’s something here for you! Thanks for the love!

  3. I’m laughing about your pasta sauce ratio because all my life I’ve used half-sauce to every scoop of pasta because I don’t like the sauce that much. Haha.

  4. Thanks for the great ideas my daughter and I are working on clean eating and permanent life style changes. Quick meals for people on the go would be greatly appreciated along with meal prep ideas.

  5. Love all the suggestions and help. Have been following you on instagram but was wondering if you have a newsletter? So new to following bloggers 😉

    1. I am new to blogging so that’s fun! Haha you can “subscribe” & that way all my posts get directly sent to your email! Thanks for the love Lisa!

  6. I went cold turkey off refined and added sugar 4 weeks ago and am surprised how quickly this sugar aholic tastes adjusted ( I was always the one that would eat all the icing flowers of f a cake, nothing was ever sweet enough and my sweet tooth was never satisfied) your food looks delicious and I hope I can find that banana muffin mix, homemade unsweetened yogurt and fresh fruit has been my lifeline. We are now working towards getting my husbands stomach healthy so he can go off his PPI (nexium) Which we think may actually have been causing him more medical problems then help

  7. Love all of your creative, simple ideas. You always make your food look like I can actually make it!!! I LOVE that Rao’s brand of pasta sauce! I’m so glad you’re recovering well! ❤

  8. Good Morning gorgeous! What a great way to start the day with your inspirational meal ideas! I’ve been struggling getting back to my workout regularly since my surgery. But I’m now motivated this morning to go pick up some good, quality food and go to the “Y” before work. Even going to (gently) do a Zumba class tonight. Thank you for sharing your victorious journey! Love you Aubz!

  9. Probably too involved/complicated to answer this way but wondering — did you have bariatric surgery? If yes, happy that you did? Asking for a 19 yr old relative – struggled (continues to) with obesity.

      1. Thank you. Huge decision, I’m sure. Do you have recommendations for reading/getting facts ? This kid has accomplished so much but it always comes back to the weight (fear) and this overshadows all of it. Heartbreaking

      2. You should absolutely sit down with your PCP, and make an apt with a Bariatric surgeon for questions and facts! I’m
        Not a doctor and legally not allowed to give “advice” on the surgery, just simply sharing my life post op! Hang in there, but deff always check with a medical professional for info. The internet can be misleading!

      3. Thank you, Aubrey. Good advice. It’s a journey – no magic – a good thing I suppose. ♥️

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